Trunk show is at Four Seasons in Vail |

Trunk show is at Four Seasons in Vail

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Daily

Tina Carelli and James Wissel, the husband-wife design team of Pure Couture Fashion, are in town for a trunk show today through Sunday at the Four Seasons in Vail. The international designers newest collection of contemporary sportswear, evening wear, outer wear, hand bags, and men’s clothing and accessories will be unveiled.

Ten percent of the sales from the event will benefit the Vail Symposium.

“The Vail Symposium thinks outside of the box, which provides a great venue for Pure Couture,” Wissel said.

Carelli and Wissel describe themselves as “modern couturiers.” They create handmade clothing from custom fabrics like antique lace, imported silks, cashmeres and luxurious hand-worked leathers to create fashion-forward designs. The designers work one-on-one with each client, refining their custom clothing to fit the specific requests of each client.

“There is not a size chart to our line,” Carelli said. “I measure each individual carefully and translate my artistry to fit the specific needs of each body.”

Likewise, Pure Couture sells its clothing via trunks shows at galleries and client homes around the country, rather than in a traditional store.

“This enables us to develop a very close relationship with our customers and ultimately develop a better product for them,” Wissel said.

Vail Daily: It seems to me like you approach clothing design as an artist approaches a canvas. Tell me about your process.

James Wissel, Tina Carelli: Our design process begins with an idea, which often develops in a very organic method. We experiment and try different techniques and ideas, keeping some and discarding others. We combine modern tools, like computers and lasers for designing and cutting, with traditional methods like hand stitching and draping to create a truly beautiful and innovative product.

VD: When did you open Pure Couture and what was your inspiration?

JW, TC: We opened Pure Couture in 2006 after completing a modern home we designed and built ourselves. Our home is very innovative, employing techniques and materials in unusual and unexpected ways. Our home and resulting lifestyle became the inspiration for Pure Couture. We wanted to build a new company that makes a difference. We discovered that our talent and love for design combined with a new an innovative way of doing business was very important to us and we believe to others. We design, create and innovate here in America. As parents of two college students, we want to inspire others to create products and jobs here in America that are worthwhile and socially conscience. We cherish materials and resources by making items to order rather than creating excess inventory. We feel we are leaders and hope to inspire others.

VD: What do you create? What influences your designs?

JW, TC: We create clothing, handbags and home furnishings. Our designs are influenced by everyday life. We live close to nature and often are inspired by the beauty, simplicity and complexity of nature.-

VD: How do you differ from other fashion designers?

JW, TC: We are self taught designers with a life of experience to call upon. We have both designed throughout our lives and marriage, employing a diverse range of experiences such as culinary, computer graphics and programming, film editing and production, home building and landscape design. Pure Couture bring all of our skills and experiences together.

VD: Tell me about your fabrics.

JW, TC: We view fabrics as integral to our design. For example, Luna Leather is a leather process we invented in house that is unavailable anywhere else. We create custom designed laser cut fabrics, we texture and color our own fabrics. We combine and alter vintage fabrics, lace and tulles with our own proprietary Luna Leather and lace.

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