Trusting the taxpayer |

Trusting the taxpayer

Debbie Buckley, Avon
Eagle County commissioner candidate

Restoring Trust, Building Community ” Step 5: Trusting the Taxpayer

Government and tax dollars belong to the people. Taxpayers are asked to trust elected officials with their tax dollars. Elected officials must in turn trust taxpayers to vote on tax increases. This is the reason I signed the tax pledge presented by the Eagle County Taxpayers for Common Sense. Trust works both ways. As a county commissioner candidate I am asking you to trust me to spend your hard-earned tax dollars. In turn I trust you and want you to be part of tax decisions.

The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights or TABOR limits the growth of government to inflation and population. Some politicians are against reinstating TABOR. They believe that tax increases should be explained to people, but not approved by the taxpayers. I believe that tax dollars belong to the citizens, not to the bureaucrats, and the community should be allowed to vote on any tax increases. That is why I am in favor of reinstating TABOR in Eagle County and support putting the issue on the ballot for voters, with a full explanation of the effects of reinstating TABOR.

As a county commissioner I will abide by TABOR and the 5.5-percent annual levy law even before the de-Brucing issue is placed on the ballot.

Colorado has had a proud history of leading the way in expanding voting right to women and giving the right to vote to 18-year-olds. TABOR elections are one more way of expanding the voter’s right.

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