Tucker: Why I’m running for Vail Town Council

Dave Tucker
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Dave Tucker is one of 10 candidates running for Vail Town Council in the November 2023 election.
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After the Vail Chamber & Business Association candidate forum at Donovan Pavilion, one of the attendees approached me with a question that thrust my candidacy into sharp relief: “If the young people care so much about the issues, where are they tonight?” After taking a moment to look around to verify this gentleman’s assessment of the evening’s demographic, it occurred to me that he was correct. 

Without hesitation, I produced the simple answer: “They are at work Sir.”  

This exchange illustrates exactly why I’m running for Vail Town Council. I will provide a voice for everyone working the frontline jobs in our town. While it’s certainly true that many people move here with no intention of staying longer than a ski season, the reality is that initial intentions aside, Vail has served as an inspiration for both American and International youth since its founding in the 1960s. 

Many individuals who work the lifts, serve and cook food, staff our hospitals and police force, ultimately choose to dedicate their lives to this unique culture. Although a great deal has changed since Vail’s founding, the true love that compels people to remain here is as alive as it ever was. It’s that love that hearkens our guests the world over who feel fortunate to be a part of our lives if only for the length of a vacation. Those of us who are blessed to make our homes here are ambassadors for “this thing of ours.” Because I am one of them, I want to make sure that the same opportunity remains available for generations to come.  

Housing, the income gap, climate change, sexual politics, undue corporate influence … these are all strong and puzzling challenges before us. With the tools of social media, I believe we have reached an inflection point where representatives are able to truly represent.

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Many workers who couldn’t attend the candidate forum accessed that evening’s Q&A on Subsequently, conscientious Vail residents whom I haven’t even met in person reached out to me. I want to encourage that type of involvement and activism as much as I am able to while serving on the Vail Town Council.  It is invigorating and affirming for a positive future in Vail.  

 My father used to tell me, “the issue, Son, is rarely the issue.” My takeaway from his advice was that whatever problem seemed to present itself there existed an underlying, simple and human explanation. 

Thus, if I was willing to remain respectful, calm and open enough to suss out what that might be, there was a simple and human solution. Although it may seem like it at times, Vail is not insulated from the challenges facing our world. 

Fortunately, modern technology provides us the opportunity to collaborate, coordinate and, most importantly, communicate about how we want to chart a path forward. This makes me especially optimistic and is a direct reason why you should vote for me to represent you on Vail Town Council.  I am always available to you. My Instagram: @Tucker4Town. Email:

Dave Tucker is one of 10 candidates running for four seats on the Vail Town Council in the Nov. 7 election.

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