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Turkey recipes from kindergarten

Compiled by Cindy Ramunno

How do you cook a turkey? “Take the feathers off and cook it.” – Jenny Valencia”You cook their feathers off in the oven; they get burned.” – Dylan Fessenden”You put salt and sugar on it and then you put it in the oven.” – Soren Bredeson”First you wash your turkey, then you put it in a big pan with the lid on and also put it on the stove at about 10 degrees.” – Jake Cossette”I don’t know.” – Charlie Sue Pates”You cook your turkey in the oven and you eat some different food. Remember to invite some people over to eat.” – Jake Bukovich”I put it in the oven and then when it’s out I put salt on it to make it tastier, that’s just how I do it.” – Zach Carvill”Cut off the big feathers and put it in the oven.” – Avery Weaver”Put it on a pan.” – Riley McGillvray”First you need to put a lot of sugar on it and then put it in the oven.” – Angel Cereceres”Take feathers off, put pepper on it and that’s all.” – David Buechel”I think you cook turkey in the oven, that’s it.” – Kylee Davis”You push a button and move the mouse to click on ‘cook the turkey.'” – Chip Carey”First you have to find a turkey. After that, you put it in the oven, you put some yummy stuff on it and I think maybe that’s it and it’s ready.” – Zane Reynolds”By the oven.” – Morgan Gaddis”Put it in the oven.” – Sal Salvador”First you stir it, then you put oil in, then put in the oven and cook it.” – Calley Gottbehvet”You put good things and barbecue on the turkey and then you cook it in the oven.” – Chito Castillo”I think we should make the turkey look like a turkey like on TV that time when the plate was as big as this table and the turkey was big enough for our whole classroom. Mom should do it like that.” – Sydney Manzanares”You put it in the stove.” – Zach Booth”I like turkey. I would cook it like that.” – Mercedes Lovato”Cook it in the oven with sauce.” – Alissa Barry”Put the turkey in the oven and roast it.” – Olivia Manula”I cut the turkey for 15 seconds and then, wow, he’s done.” – Ryan ByrnesVail, Colorado

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