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Turntable mistress

Cassie Pence
Special to the DailyMiss Audry

For the most part, but that is changing with more female DJ collectives appearing, like Angelic here in Colorado and Sister SF in California.

In the beginning of my career ” yes. I felt that I had to try harder to prove myself. To prove that females could be good DJs, too. Now it is different though. The guys have been great about making me feel right at home and giving me encouragement, especially my fellow DJs at milehighhouse.

In part it’s because, for some reason, DJing seems to interest more males than females. I also think it is because females don’t have as many female DJ role models and don’t always think, “I can be a DJ, too.”

I am a house head. The dirtier and funkier, the better!

I truly love the music. I like when you hear a really good track, the way it sends chills up your back. It’s also a plus when you play that same track and can give the crowd that same feeling from the music you spin.

I also sing and write, so I would like to release some more tracks over the next year. I also just signed on with Angelic DJs, so I hope to be DJing more along side DJ MLE, Etain, Jamie Kent and Ms. Vicious.

It’s a family atmosphere. There’s lots of catching up ” sharing what projects we have been working on, what gigs we have coming up and lots of “shop talk” about the tracks that are burning up our DJ bags at the moment.

I am really excited to hear headliner King Britt as it will be the first time that I have seen him live. I also can’t wait to hear Know ” this hot new little group with songstress Venus.

Sure, not only is it a lot older since moving back into the clubs and to private 21-and-up parties, but the crowd is more educated than in the past. They know more about the music and are really there to “listen” to the DJs that are spinning.

Ask as many questions as possible! Don’t be afraid to ask simple things like “what does that button do?” or “what kind of equipment should I get?” Don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of DJs that want to help you get started like the girls at Angelic. Most importantly, always remember, you can do it ” just stay focused and one day you can become a great DJ, too.

I am a student and am working during the day at a real estate and finance company. I enjoy the dynamic of leading two radically different lives.

At the moment I am listening to a little bit of everything ” I like to get ideas from other genres for songs that I am working on producing ” there’s so much great music out there, so take the time to give your ears a listen!

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