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‘Twas the morning of Christmas

Dr. Drew Werner
Vail CO, Colorado

‘Twas the morning of Christmas

And all through the land

Friends and neighbors were celebrating

By lending a hand.

For life comes with surprises

Some good and some bad,

But God gives us the strength

We didn’t know that we had.

On Christmas morning His presence

Is felt in His coming,

But all the year through

He is witnessed through your loving.

A dinner is made,

A truly delicious meal

But it is meant for another

Whose suffering they feel.

A family’s stomachs are filled

But that nutrition is the least

For more importantly their spirits

Are filled with the feast.

The sun was shining,

For it is Eagle you know,

The trees are all covered

With fresh-fallen snow.

Just being here

Is a reason to rejoice,

So smile every day

Even when it seems a difficult choice.

Yes, Santa will come,

Dressed in many different guises

Filling our lives with

Life’s greatest surprises.

Whether through family or friend

God’s love shows true

Touching the hearts of many

All the year through.

Thanks from our hearts go out

To too many to name

You know who you are

And are loved all the same.

We raise up our hearts

And give praise to our Lord

That we may have the strength

To follow his word.

So to those far and near

Our prayers are lifted too

That may each day of 2008

Be blessed by God all the year through.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I want to wish you and your families the healthiest 2008, Remember; our health does not happen by accident. If you want to improve your health, or have any concerns do not hesitate, contact your doctor.

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