Two Arrows Coffee Company opens in Vail Village on Wall Street

Two Arrows Coffee Company owner and founder Lindsea Stowe, left, and her partner, Krysta Kaump, are serving drinks with a focus on health at the new coffee shop located in Root & Flower in Vail Village.
avid Neff | Special to the Daily

VAIL — There’s more to coffee than just a caffeine jolt. The new Two Arrows Coffee Company, located inside the Root & Flower space at 225 Wall Street in Vail Village, recently opened its doors and aims to foster community and connection both with its menu and its culture. The new shop is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

“At Two Arrows, we hope to make connections with our community through our passion for coffee and its roots; we’re excited to bring the coffee drinker closer to the journey, from seed to cup,” said Two Arrows Coffee Company owner Lindsea Stowe, who is the visionary for the business as well as a local yoga and meditation instructor.

Partnering with Root & Flower was a natural fit as the two businesses share a vision of putting quality first and serving food and beverages that are crafted with intention and ethically-sourced ingredients, Stowe said.

A space that transforms from coffee in the day to libations at night? It seems like a perfect partnership.

Focus on Health

Two Arrows’ beverage menu is simple and straightforward, filled with traditional offerings. Drip coffee is available as well as espresso drinks like lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos and the cortado, which is the perfect ratio of espresso to milk and served in its own specialty glass for enjoying in the shop with a side of bubbly water.

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“It really provides the full experience of what Two Arrows has to offer,” Stowe said.

Stowe spent the last few years drinking coffee around the world to intimately learn and understand its origins — to say she’s passionate would be an understatement.

You’ll also find a few unique offerings, like the turmeric latte and the matcha latte. Additionally, the shop will serve a seasonal espresso spritzer, currently an espresso rose spritzer.

“I love the spritzer — it’s so refreshing,” Stowe said. “The rose is a nice accent to the floral notes that come off of the natural Ethiopian coffee in our espresso blend.”

The menu was created with a focus on health benefits, thus the rose and the turmeric.

“Rose is high in vitamin C so it can help with altitude, overall immunity and arthritis,” Stowe said. “Turmeric is naturally anti-inflammatory and so would be perfect post hike or ski.”

The kegged cold brew will likely be popular among shop visitors this summer.

The drip coffee is made using locally-roasted, single-origin beans from Color Roasters in Eagle, while the espresso drinks are made with beans from Denver-based Commonwealth Coffee Roasters.

“They have a really dynamic and sweet espresso blend,” Stowe said. “Jason, the roaster there, has some direct trade relationships with coffee growers. He works with a fourth-generation female farmer in El Salvador; he shakes hands with people growing his coffee and pays prices that support all the hands that touched the beans, creating a lifestyle for those people who are growing something wonderful.”

These types of connections to both her purveyors and the people who created the products is what Two Arrows is all about. And the connections extend to the food side of the menu as well.

Local Collaborations

Stowe is collaborating with Green Elephant Juicery, a local organic, vegan company in Avon, for the green smoothie, a delicious combination of apple, kale, celery, pineapple, lemon, ginger, banana, matcha and ground flax seed blended with ice and served with Green Elephant raw organic granola.

“I think it’s going to be a huge hit this summer for hikers and mountain bikers — it’s nutrient dense and energizing,” she said.

Popular Edwards eatery Hovey & Harrison is baking some of the ready-to-eat offerings, including cheddar biscuits, quiche made with local sausage and monkey bread, made for sharing thanks to its peel-and-eat design.

“We believe good food should be eaten in good company and this pastry is perfect for that,” Stowe said.

Two Arrows aims to be much more than a place where people can score a caffeine buzz.

“It’s a space for mindfulness and connection — a place for people to live life more awake and connect to each other,” Stowe said.

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