Two bogus $100 bills found in Carbondale |

Two bogus $100 bills found in Carbondale

Pete Fowler
Carbondale, CO Colorado

CARBONDALE, Colorado ” In the 25 years since opening the Pour House, Skip Bell had seen only one bogus bill until last Friday.

Bell, manager and former owner of the Pour House, said when an employee later tried to deposit cash at the bank, the bank said one of several hundred dollar bills collected Friday night was fake.

“Certainly I’m disappointed,” he said. “Business is bad enough without getting stuck with a bad $100 bill, but stuff happens. If you get pissed at all of it you’re wasting your time.”

The only other phony bill the Pour House received was a fake $20 in the past.

Bell said the false $100 bill appeared to be photocopied but looked like it had realistic printing on it. It did not have a security thread. He could also almost see through it when he held it up to the light and said it looked slightly smaller in dimension than a regular $100. It looked like it had been through the washing machine a couple times and the paper was very soft.

Bell said he might have spotted that it was a fake, but he added, “My bartender was very busy that night, and I can understand how one of those can get by you.”

The bartender collected several $100s that shift and had no idea who might have paid with the fake one, Bell said.

A second fake $100 was found this week by an eighth-grader by the street at the Meadowood apartments. Police Chief Gene Schilling couldn’t be reached Thursday.

“We had a student that brought one in at the end of the day a couple days ago,” said Carbondale Middle School financial secretary Nicki Zugschwerdt. “He said, ‘Is this real?'”

Unfortunately for the eighth-grader, it was not.

“It had white around two of the edges so it was obviously not real. We called the police and gave it to them,” Zugschwerdt said.

She thinks the student wasn’t fooled and knew it wasn’t real. The white edges appeared to be white paper that had not been colored green like the rest of the bill.

The student said the bill was found by the street in front of his home in the Meadowood Apartments by the skate park, according to student management secretary Rita Overbeck.

Mary Beth Bos, in communications and operations for the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, said Carbondale police asked the chamber to alert its members. She said one way to spot a fake is to hold any questionable bills up to a light and examine the watermarks. Counterfeit bill detector pens can also be purchased from office supply stores.

Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson said no fake bills have shown up in the Glenwood Springs area in recent history.

Visit for more information about bills and their security features. From there, scroll down and click the link under “Know Your Money.”

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