Two men arrested after Avon bar brawl |

Two men arrested after Avon bar brawl

Christine Ina Casillas Daily Staff Writer
Vail Daily/ Bret HartmanTruck driver Dave Jones sits in his truck Wednesday after totaling a Subaru Outback on Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail. The only damage to the truck was a broken bumper and fender.

A fight at a bar in Avon might not be as rowdy as those seen on film, but two men were arrested for allegedly brawling on a recent night.

Avon police officers were doing a routine walk through at the bar, Jan. 29, when they saw two men arguing. A 27-year-old doorman allegedly started a fight with a customer, according to police records.

The doorman allegedly got the customer in a headlock, police records said. The two struggled and almost fell over other people standing at the bar.

The police broke up the fight and arrested both men.

Rough roads

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Public-safety officials didn’t have to travel too far Wednesday morning after responding to two crashes in front of an Eagle-Vail restaurant.

A Colorado State Patrol trooper was taking a report of a fender bender in front of Ti Amo Restaurant when the driver of a box truck pulled in front of another car and destroyed the car’s entire front end.

Minor injuries were reported in the accident, and the 55-year-old driver who was struck was transported to the Vail Valley Medical Center.

But the driver of the box truck had been in another accident just a week or two prior in front of an Avon liquor store. The van apparently slipped on ice and slammed into another car.

The crash was also the third accident in the last two months in front of the restaurant, said Max Perucchini, co-owner of Ti Amo.

“The State Patrol was right in front of the restaurant when boom, another accident happened, and it made a big bang,” Perucchini said. “We’re soon to have our own traffic light here, I’m sure.”

In one of the previous crashes, an ECO Transit bus crashed into a tree and knocked down a stop sign in December after being sideswiped by a car on U.S. Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail. The tree was the only casualty in the accident while the bus’s passengers and driver walked away uninjured.

The Littleton-based driver of the truck in Wednesday’s crash said he was caught in a blind spot and really couldn’t see the other car.

“My day was going good until this happened,” he said.

Stone cold

A 26-year-old man reported damage to his car Jan. 29 in Vail when his rear window had a large hole in it.

The man was at the hospital, and when he left and stepped inside his car, he heard glass falling, Vail police reports said. He turned to find the car window had a hole in it, but he had no clue how it happened.

According to the police report, he thought the cold weather might have frozen the window and damaged it. He told police that he had no enemies.

Party, party

Vail police officers responded to a noise complaint at a hotel near Golden Peak. When the police arrived, they heard loud music and voices from inside and broke up the party.

An undisclosed amount of marijuana was “confiscated and destroyed,” said Vail police records. But the partygoers apparently left without being arrested or warned about the consequences.

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