Two more bears killed in Aspen |

Two more bears killed in Aspen

Aspen Times Staff Report
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN, Colorado – The death toll for bears in and around Aspen continues to mount.

Wildlife officials were forced to put down a bear on Sunday and another Monday morning; both animals had been breaking into homes, said Perry Will, area wildlife manager with the Glenwood Springs office of the Colorado Division of Wildlife. One of the bears had been handled previously by the DOW, he said, and the other matched the description of a problem bear.

In addition, a third bear was found dead in the Woody Creek area; its injuries indicated it was killed by another bear, Will said. That dead bear was wearing a radio collar and had been part of a study of black bears. Black bears are territorial and fights between them are not uncommon, he said.

Four traps were set in the vicinity of Aspen as of Monday, according to Will. Two animals were trapped and relocated over the weekend, he added.

Officers were busy with various bear calls on Monday morning. At least one bear was reported in a garage east of town, where an out-of-town family had left the garage door open. There was a bag of dog food in the garage, according to Aspen police.

Also on the east side, a bear and a cub entered a residence through a second-floor balcony window that had been left cracked open, and helped themselves to chocolate and cheese, police said.

The animals, already back outside, were ultimately chased off with the use of an air horn.

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