Two more rumors bite the dust |

Two more rumors bite the dust

Two more reports regarding the Kobe Bryant case circulating among part of the national media were debunked Monday.

Media reports that the 19-year-old woman who Bryant allegedly assaulted received a ride home is not the case, sources said Monday. Reports that her clothing was torn are also untrue, sources also.

Sources told the Daily that the alleged victim managed to get herself home by 11:50 p.m., June 30, after ending the shift at the Lodge at Cordillera at around 11:10 p.m.

They also said that while her clothing was disheveled and showed signs that something had occurred, it wasn’t torn or ripped, as some reports indicated.

“Some of the reports made it sound like something out of a bad movie,” said one source. “It wasn’t like that.”

The reports are part of a larger set of rumors and gossip that have been circulating across the country about the case. Among them:

– That the alleged victim was in the room two hours. It was only about 20 minutes.

– When she came down, she was hysterical. She was not. Sources said she was in a stupor and a state of shock.

– A few days before the incident, the alleged victim had accused another hotel worker of sexual harassment, getting him fired. Not true, said the man who was terminated. It was not the alleged victim.

Cameras in court

Eagle County Judge Fred Gannett ruled that not only is Bryant required to appear at 4 p.m. Wednesday, he also ruled Monday that there will be cameras in the courtroom.

Gannett denied a motion by Bryant’s attorneys asking Gannett to reconsider an earlier order allowing one video camera and one still camera in the courtroom while Bryant is advised of the charges against him, and also advised of his rights.

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