Two new members sit on Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission  |

Two new members sit on Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission 

Weston Arbogast is one of the two newest members to sit on Eagle's Planning and Zoning commission.
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Two vacancies on Eagle’s Planning and Zoning Commission were recently filled by Weston Arbogast and Keith Montag. 

The town’s Planning and Zoning Commission leads the department, which works to “provide safe, efficient and orderly development within the Town of Eagle, while also striving to enhance and maintain the natural and social environment,” the website reads. 

A goal of the commission is to gather motivated professionals with relevant experience who can boost community wellbeing through informed decision making on zoning regulations, land use, development permits, new construction, community planning, subdivisions and annexations. 

The two candidates selected were presented to Eagle town council on Feb. 27 for consideration and appointment per the recommendation of the already instated commission members. 

Weston Arbogast is a business development engineer who has lived in Eagle for about four years.

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The 2021 Town Council candidate had also staked a claim for an Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission vacancy in the past. In the meeting comprising his appointment, Arbogast said his support of Eagle is unwavering regardless of the position he holds. 

“I’m just glad to finally help the council and the rest of the town fill that role,” Arbogast said.

Arbogast dedication to the town of Eagle did not go unnoticed upon the consideration of his appointment to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Eagle town planner and community development director Chad Phillips said that kind of commitment to the town is just what the department and Town Council were looking for. 

“I think it’s great because you made a commitment two years ago or a year and a half ago when you ran that you’re still going to be involved and you’ve been trying and trying and I’m excited that you’re finally going to get on here,” Phillips said. 

The town planner said that he thinks Arbogast will be a great asset to the committee. 

Keith Montag is the other most recent appointee to Eagle’s Planning and Zoning Commission. The former Eagle County manager sought the role for more to do in his retirement.
Special to the Daily / Keith Montag

Eagle Ranch resident Keith Montag said he has not only resided in and around Eagle for the past 30 years, but he has also remained involved with the community locally throughout his time here.  

“I feel as though I have a relatively good handle on what’s happening, why it’s happening, how it happens,” Montag said. 

In addition, the Planning and Zoning Commission candidate turned appointee has prior professional experience in community planning. Beginning in 1990, Montag worked for Eagle County as a community development director. After a number of years in that position, Montag said he eventually grew in his responsibilities, becoming the county manager for several years. 

“Then, from Eagle County, I went down to Clear Creek County and was there for six or seven years, I believe,” Montag said. 

Since retiring and leaving his position for Clear Creek County, Montag said he had the desire to do something with the additional time on his hands. That search led Montag to his pursuit of Eagle’s Planning and Zoning Commission vacancy. 

Eagle Town Council approved the selection of Arbogast and Montag for the Planning and Zoning Commission openings during the Feb. 27 meeting.

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