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Two trios, two worlds

Wren Wertin


If roots went electronic, it would sound like Basement. The Athens-based trio will be laying down instrumental tunes at Half Moon Saloon tonight at 10.

Built like a rhythm section, the musicians bring a melodic element to their drum and bass lines. Because there are only three of them, they play their instruments to sound like several. The result is full tonality.

Basement is Matt Weiss (guitar), Jim Coley (bass) and Matt Martin (drums). They come by their jazz overtones legitimately – the trio studied jazz in music school. Building on the cornerstone of the genre – improvisation – they play up the bass line and open the door for funk. Throwing in plenty of effects, the electronic feel is a natural one.

Recent explorations into the realms of Latin and Slavic music have brought a world flavor to their work.

Weiss prefers the ambiguity of instrumental music to the straightforwardness of lyrics. Without words guiding the way, the songs have no definitive meaning. Instead, they can be shaped as much by the listener as the musicians.

Basement plays Half Moon Saloon tonight. For more information call 476-4314.

S.Y.C. BoiS

With influences like Black Flag, Sex Pistols and Guttermouth, S.Y.C. BoiS are pure punk rock. They play 8150 tonight at 10.

S.Y.C. stands for Street Youth Core. Touting themselves as musicians from the streets and for the streets, they take their lyrics from everyday life. They write:

“When someone falls down it is funny. If it isn’t then why do you laugh? Life is comically harsh. Don’t question your own answer.”

The musicians live in Southern California, and have been playing together for several years. Bucky (guitar), Chris (drums) and Eddie (bass) often share the stage with other folks.

Playing loud and fast, their mantra is: Shave your head and dye your hair, safety pins right through your ears. Slam dancing is what they’re going for. They’re fresh off The Warped Tour, and have developed a new-school punk reputation.

S.Y.C. BoiS play with King Rat and Discolored Perception tonight at 10. For more information call 479-0607.

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