Two who left rich legacy |

Two who left rich legacy

Last week, the valley lost a couple of citizens who helped shape the community today.

One, Ella Knox, can be counted among the genuine pioneers of Vail. She arrived in 1965 with her husband, George “Skipper” Knox, who started Vail’s first and “greatest” newspaper, as the Vail Trail’s longtime slogan and critics of that upstart whelp, the Vail Daily, liked to put it.

Another, Buz Reynolds Sr., served Avon as mayor during a seminal period in the late-’80s to early ’90s, among other things getting the Avon Recreation Center built and the Village at Avon set up. His son, Buz Jr., followed his dad’s footsteps on the council and as mayor, dealing with many of the headaches that have since come with working with the stubborn and shrewd man behind the Village, Magnus Lindholm.

Senior, the retired New York cop, was remembered as among the most compassionate people in local politics.

Ella Knox was known for her die-hard Republican views, along with mincemeat tarts and sage gardening advice as a columnist for the family paper.

Both were original Vail Valley characters who helped make this the great, if at times iconoclastic, place it is today.

Both left legacies for us to live up to as citizens of a such a rich community. Rich in money, sure, but more so rich in a tradition of bold creativity and color to match the scenic bounty and, of course, the skiing.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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