Ty LaFramboise is making good on a nine-year dream

For literally half his life, Eagle Valley High School senior Ty Laframboise has held the same dream.

This fall, it’s going to come true when he reports to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.

“I started planning this when I was in my fourth-grade year. But really, its been my goal since I was 5 years old,” he said.

What happened to make such an indelible impression? His dad took him to an Air Force Academy football game.

“I liked the team so I wanted to go there,” said LaFramboise. He realized it would be a Herculean effort to get a military academy spot. But that just hardened his resolve.

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LaFramboise ultimately decided Annapolis was a better fit for him than the Air Force Academy. He is interested in special forces or aviation, and the Navy has the largest fleet of aircraft of any branch of the military. LaFramboise was offered an ROTC scholarship fairly early on, but he held out through the extensive application and interview process to obtain his U.S. Naval Academy appointment.

Once he gets there, LaFramboise plans to try out for the academy’s wrestling team. He is a strong competitor who earned fourth place at the Colorado High School State Wrestling Championship.

LaFramboise only arrived at EVHS for his senior year. Previously he attended high school in Norwood — where there were only 60 kids enrolled and the high school competed in eight-man football. Coming to the EVHS program, LaFramboise never took for granted that he would make varsity in any sport.

“I knew I would have to work hard, but I thought I could make the team,” he said.

LaFramboise believes his teammates on the Devils football tem will be his friends for life. “That football season was unforgettable with the attitude of all the guys and their desire to win.”

That assessment comes from a kid who knows a thing or two about desire. Even at his young age, LaFramboise already knows a lot about making a dream come true.

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