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Udall admires Titans’ splendor

Randy Wyrick
On Saturday, Merlin and his crew from Camelot Balloons will be lofting 500 candy-filled Easter eggs on parachutes from his giant hot air balloon, over Buckhorn Valley in Gypsum, across the road from the Eagle County airport. It starts at 8 a.m.

Rep. Mark Udall, our dandy congressman, wandered through Town Talk Towers yesterday, where he informed, enlightened and inspired. Randy “The Titans of Town Talk” Wyrick cajoled him to admire his custom made cowboy boots. Of all the U.S. Senate candidates whose campaign is based on the glories of Torque and Recoil, Wyrick has the finest custom-made cowboy boots.

“Really nice boots,” Udall said.

A ringing endorsement if ever there was one.

And it comes on the heels of Wyrick unearthing a 10-year old Hillary Clinton autograph, another high-powered endorsement of the “Wyrick For Senate: Why Not?” campaign. The Powers That Be are lining up for their chance to bask in our bipartisan glow.

We anticipate a huge bump in our poll numbers this morning.

Endorsements are a funny thing. Anyone who wants to publicly climb on board the Wyrick Express (in our minds, it’s a 1964 Bluebird school bus converted to a campaign special,

See Town Talk, page A18

including satellite uplinks and downlinks, and a Dodge Viper motor wedged into the engine bay). If they want to say so publicly, so much the better.

Like any rule, though, there are exceptions. While we welcome the endorsement (and by that, we mean hearty handshake) of Our Very Own Congressman Mark Udall (who’s pretty cool for a Boulder guy), there are some folks whose endorsement wouldn’t be quite as welcome, by which we mean we would run away screaming like five-year-old girls who had just seen a live snake or a dead mouse.

For instance, we heard Thursday that Dennis Kucinich was bringing his “I’m running for president, no matter who’s got the nomination locked up” campaign. Since Kucinich is so far left he makes Udall look like Bob Shaffer/Shayfur… etc., and a vegetarian to boot, we probably wouldn’t welcome him aboard the Express, even if he’d get on, which he’d probably only do with a gun at his head since he no doubt would, ahem, recoil in horror if he learned about the Torque, Recoil and Cholesterol planks of our platform.

We’d probably ask Al Gore to take his endorsement down the street, thank you very much. For one thing, look how much it benefitted Howard Dean.

Speaking of which, Howard Dean would probably have to stay off the bus, too, as would Trent Lott, Marilyn Musgrave and David Duke.

Anyone else is more than welcome to get on the bus, rev up the motor, and Let Freedom Rip!

Easter egg drop

At 8 a.m. Sunday, April 11, Merlin the Magician and his crew from Camelot Ballons will be lofting 500 plastic easter eggs on parachutes from his giant hot air balloon, 150 feet above Buckhorn Valley. The eggs will be filled with Easter candy for the kids. This is nothing like the time Mr. Carlson dropped turkeys from an airplane during that classic WKRP Thanksgiving episode.

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