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Udall blasts Bush budget

Daily Staff Report

Eagle County’s congressman, Mark Udall, has called President Bush’s spending plan for fiscal year 2006 “irresponsible” and “out of touch with America’s real needs.” “The President’s budget continues more of the irresponsible fiscal policies that have plunged our nation into record debt and job losses,” the Boulder Democrat said. “Insisting on a generous tax cut for the wealthiest Americans means there is less to invest in transportation, jobs, health care and education.”Udall said the budget “takes a meat cleaver to vital programs,” cutting funding for education, transportation, environment, agriculture, law enforcement and health care. “The numbers just don’t add up,” Udall said. “In fact, the president’s budget doesn’t even include future costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or the trillions of dollars he wants to borrow to privatize Social Security.”Udall said he was particularly concerned about cuts in education. “The cuts in K-12 math and science education will make our children less competitive in the high-tech sector and the global economy,” Udall said.

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