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UFOs: It’s time for truth

Bob Fiske
Vail, CO, Colorado

On April 20, at the conclusion of the fifth annual X-Conference, the National Press Club hosted a conference on UFO disclosure organized by the Paradigm Research Group. Among the speakers testifying to the fact that UFOs are, in reality, extraterrestrial craft was Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon.

“We live in challenging, magnificent times,” Mitchell said, telling of his personal knowledge and opinion that we are not alone in the universe and that our species here on Earth are having ongoing interactions with extraterrestrials.

Mitchell, along with the late astronaut Gordon Cooper and several other former astronauts, has spoken out as to the reality of extraterrestrial visits and for the U.S. government to end its 60-year coverup of the truth. As usual, there was little network news coverage of the press conference, but you can see the excerpts of the conference on YouTube.

Interestingly enough, Mitchell received considerable coverage in the British press last July when he expressed his views on UFOs being extraterrestrial in origin during a radio interview there.

Another speaker was Milton Torres, a retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot who was stationed in England in 1957 and who was ordered to fire air-to-air missiles at an ET craft that was being tracked on ground and airborne radars, including Torres’. The UFO, which Torres estimated was bigger than a B-52, simply disappeared when he prepared to fire. Torres had been sworn to secrecy and threatened by a man carrying National Security Agency credentials if he ever talked.

Torres is like thousands of former servicemen who have been silenced by oaths and threats to keep the secret. Military regulations issued in the 1950s called for fines and as many as 10 years in prison for anyone leaking UFO information. But many former servicemen and government insiders have come forward over the years to tell of their UFO experiences and the secrecy that surrounds the phenomena.

Our government has long been in official denial regarding unidentified flying objects, maintaining that UFOs posed no threat to national security and that most sightings could be explained. But documents obtained in the late 1970s by researchers through the Freedom of Information Act show that UFOs were serious business for our military and intelligence agencies. In the spring of 1953, the National Security Council approved a CIA plan to “debunk” the UFO phenomena in the mass media, and this plan, which included ridiculing witnesses, is still in effect today.

Thus, we do not hear about the COMETA Report, the result of a three-year study of the UFO phenomena by high-level officials in France, which concluded the reality that UFOs are likely extraterrestrial craft that can no longer be ignored or denied. The report also brought out that while the U.S. government has long denied UFOs are real, it maintains the highest levels of secrecy around the subject.

Nor do we read about the Disclosure Project, which has assembled more than 300 expert witnesses, including many former military and scientific personnel who had been sworn to secrecy, who are willing to testify before Congress as to the ET presence if given immunity. One is Robert Salas, a retired USAF officer who served as an ICBM launch control officer at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in March 1967, when ET craft hovering over launch-control facilities shut down two flights of Minuteman missiles.

Since 1994, when the secretary of the Air Force issued an order freeing former servicemen with knowledge of the 1947 Roswell crash from all security restrictions, more military witnesses have come forward to give their accounts of the recovery of an extraterrestrial craft and bodies in a remote area northwest of Roswell, N.M.

Of all the military witnesses interviewed by researchers in connection with the Roswell crash, only one said it was a weather balloon. The remainder either refused to talk about it or testified that what was found was not of this Earth.

The evidence that UFOs are ET craft is overwhelming for anyone who cares to look at it, and a lot of people have. Behind the news, prominent and well-known people, including scientists, astronauts, military personnel and political figures, have spoken out as to the reality of the UFO phenomena and the need to end the truth embargo.

In 1997, Laurence Rockefeller, with the help of Stanford astrophysicist Dr. Peter Sturrock, put together a panel of prominent scientists who reviewed UFO evidence given to them by experts in the field. The scientists, while not willing to commit to the ET origin of UFOs, did agree that the phenomena was real and worthy of further scientific study. Rockefeller had UFO researchers and experts put together a report, “UFOs: The Best Evidence,” which was sent to members of Congress and other prominent members of our government and tried to get President Clinton to end the UFO coverup.

Clinton had tried to find out about UFOs, but he was kept out of the intelligence loop. He did not have the need to know. On a visit to Ireland, he was asked about the Roswell crash and responded that if the U.S. military recovered an ET craft there, “They didn’t tell me, and I want to know.” When asked by a White House reporter why he did not do more to reveal the truth about UFOs, he responded, “There’s a secret government within the government, and I don’t control it.”

Despite the continued ban on the truth in our country, in the past years, Brazil, Peru, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, France, Great Britain and, recently, Denmark have opened some of their UFO files to the public.

Most of the information was reported sightings of UFOs, many of which are explainable as natural phenomena or conventional aircraft, but some involve multiple witnesses, radar confirmation, physical evidence and close encounters with structured craft and, sometimes, their occupants.

It is believed that President Obama will be the person who should, and will, finally end the UFO coverup. Interestingly, his interim chief-of-staff, John Podesta, who served the Clinton administration in that capacity, has worked with the Coalition for Freedom of Information between his government jobs asking for an end to UFO secrecy. Behind the scenes, President Obama may be under some pressure to disclose the truth about our ET visitors, and if he does not, President Sarkozy of France will.

We may all have to ask ourselves, very soon perhaps, whether the truth, that we are being visited by advanced civilizations, will hurt our ideas about our place in the universe. A Roper Poll from 2002 showed that 72 percent of Americans polled believe that there is intelligent life in the universe.

A 1999 Roper Poll done for the National Institute of Discovery Science showed that 25 percent believed UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin, while another 7 percent believed UFOs could be from other dimensions. There are some who believe UFOs may be time machines. They could all be right.

As physicist Dr. Michio Kaku likes to tell UFO debunkers, “Find me a law of physics that prevents contact between civilizations that are a million years ahead of us. Open your mind to the possibility …”

Bob Fiske


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