Ugly season |

Ugly season

Remember that old saw about some things needing to get worse before they get better?

That always comes to mind this time of year, when a winter’s worth of crap (mostly canine), crapola and various and sundry other detritus of our society emerges from the melting snow like filth at low tide.

People love to complain about all the dog poop ” and they’re justified in doing so ” but there’s plenty of guilt to go around. Whether deliberate or by accident, many of us had a hand in adding to the sordid array of shopping bags, Starbucks’ cups, ski boot boxes, soda cans, chunks of car tires, etc. etc.

As we glumly survey all the horrifically disfigured piles of snow ignominiously melting all over the valley floor, it’s hard not to think of what a season it was and how it’s already winding down. March has been a big disappointment so far, with our usually heavy doses of snow failing to materialize. So we’re not even getting those temporary white blankets of respite from the ugliness.

But eventually it’ll melt, the dirt will be swept away (or does it simply migrate into the river somehow?), the cleanup crews will tackle the trucker bombs, lewdly tossed diapers and other objectionable materials and we’ll launch into summer season.

But, O great lord Ullr, would it be too much to send a few more decent dumps our way? After all, there are still three-plus weeks left in the ski season, and we long for those powder days ” remember those, from way back when in December?

Vail, Colorado

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