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Uncle Dirty to the rescue in Frisco

Caitlin RowFrisco, CO Colorado

FRISCO, Colorado New parents Liene Vibane and Jimmy Jacox appeared calm, even mellow, Tuesday as they held their new son and talked about his surprise birth last month in their Frisco, Colorado apartment.Despite the shock of an unplanned, and unknown, pregnancy, Vibane and Jacox have eased into family life with the help of Uncle Dirty, their roommate who helped with the birth of James William Jacox on May 26.Neither parent had detected the pregnancy. Vibane, a fit, young woman, simply thought shed put on 15 pounds due to lack of exercise and too much eating.Wed even been looking at some bikes, Jacox said, saying Vibane wanted to exercise.Instead, the extra weight was the result of a baby a 7-lb., 10-ounce son who was 19.5 inches at birth. Vibane had none of the common side effects of pregnancy, and carried the child in a way that made visible waist expansion minimal.A surprise birthdayOn the day of her sons birth, Vibane felt unwell, but all she asked for was water and aspirin. Jacox, a bartender at the Moose Jaw, went to work at 6 p.m., and received a text 45 minutes later. Vibane told him she needed to go to the hospital. At that point, she thought something was seriously wrong, but still didnt know she was about to give birth.Chris Dirty Rogers, their roommate and also a Moose Jaw bartender, was home starting up the grill to cook some steak so he went to check on her. She was getting ready to go to the emergency room, and Rogers said he would take her. But, because Rogers truck was out of gas, he left quickly to fill up at a nearby station. He left his truck running outside the apartment while he waited for Vibane.I said to her if you need something, let me know and went downstairs to wait for her, Rogers said.By 7:20 p.m., Vibane had given birth on the bedroom floor.According to Rogers, he went upstairs after hearing Vibane call for him and discovered her, with the baby, in the walk-in closet. He then called Jacox I told him he was a dad and called 911.Jacox rushed home, and upon seeing his son, started crying out of so many different emotions I was happy and confused, he said.Though Vibane said she doesnt really remember what was going through her head at the time of the birth, Rogers said she was calm.Some people still dont believe me, Jacox said. Were both very excited about it. We had talked about it before, but we thought wed plan it.Community supportAccording to Jacox, the community rallied around the new family, helping with baby clothes, diapers and even money.Any time theres a crisis, this place comes together, Jacox said of the Summit County community. Fatty at Moose Jaw went around town and collected $700 for us.There was also a tip jar at Moose Jaw benefiting the new family. Jacox said Fatty used the money to buy the family baby items at Target.Vibane whos originally from Latvia came to Summit County five years ago; Jacox has lived in town for 15 years. They plan to stay in the county, but need a larger home to accommodate the baby.Everything we need right now, weve got it, Jacox said. He also recently got a second job at Vinnys in Frisco.Vibane, who works at Tuscatos as a waitress, will go back to work when shes ready.Thanks to everyone in the town who helped out, Jacox said.Caitlin Row can be reached at (970) 668-4633 or at crow@summitdaily.com.

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