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Under the influence of Mary Jane " honestly

Dustin Racioppi

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

GYPSUM, Colorado ” The busted headlight. It’s like the gateway drug of driving for motorists to receive larger, much more serious offenses. It’s no exception to the sheriff’s report from Feb. 14, when a deputy pulled over a Chevrolet Malibu full of young women cruising around town with just one headlight.

First, the passenger tried to show her license to the deputy. He didn’t accept it. He wanted to see the driver’s license of the person who actually had a steering wheel in front of them. She didn’t produce that, but she could say what her name and age was.

She actually gave him a different combination of names and ages. But her hazy memory may have been explained when the deputy asked her what was going on and she said, “I am high.”

“High on what?” the deputy asked.

“Mary Jane. Marijuana,” the woman responded to the question.

There may be another explanation why she couldn’t remember her correct name and age ” her driver’s license was revoked for an alcohol-related offense, and she also had four warrants for her arrest, the sheriff’s report said.

She was taken to jail, where, in addition to being high, deputies say her blood-alcohol percentage was 0.252, more than four times the legal limit. Then she was booked on charges of DUI, driving under restraint, the four warrants, criminal impersonation, no proof of valid insurance, open alcoholic container in vehicle and defective vehicle.

VAIL, Colorado

Confrontation on the ski hill

Skier A was enjoying an afternoon run down Vail Mountain on Feb. 16. So was Skier B.

But then Skier B got up in Skier A’s face and accused him of cutting him off. Skier A didn’t have time to rebut Skier B’s allegations because Skier B hit Skier A in the face and skied off.

Skier A suffered a swollen lip from the altercation, and deputies weren’t able to find Skier B.

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