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Underemployed man gets groceries the old-fashioned way

Tamara Miller

A lack of cash didn’t stop one man from trying to get groceries at Avon’s City Market.

Avon Police responded to a report of shoplifting at the grocery store last Tuesday. The store manager told police that employees saw the man put several items in his backpack, but only pay for one item when he got to the register. The store manager intercepted the man as he was walking out of the store. The man allegedly admitted to stealing food.

The man told police that his 10-hour temporary job didn’t pay enough for him to afford groceries. He returned the items and received a court summons for larceny.

Pizza problem

A pizza parlor employee wanted to file felony charges against his employer last week after he failed to receive a paycheck.

He asked Vail Police to file felony theft charges against the restaurant because he found out from an “unnamed source” that his checks were allegedly being given to another employee. He told police he didn’t know why his checks would be given to someone else and that no one had permission to pick up his checks.

When contacted by police, the restaurant manager said he didn’t know that the man hadn’t received a paycheck and promised to look into the problem.

Identity theft

A Vail man filed a report with police on March 11 claiming someone in Lodi, Calif., had been using his social security number.

That same day, Vail Police received a report from a Florida man who discovered someone had purchased a new Dell computer using his American Express card.

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