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Unfair criticism of Buckley

David Viele
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am writing this letter in response to the recent letter written by Pavan Krueger and published in the Vail Daily on Oct. 30. Ms. Krueger criticizes Debbie Buckley for her (supposed) opposition to the heat recovery system integrated through the Eagle River Water and Sanitation plant’s sewage treatment system to facilitate the heating of the streets of Avon. Simply, her criticism is unfair and her position is uninformed.

By a unanimous vote, the board of the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District chose to support the project by providing over $400,000 of funding for the project. This amount was reflective of the benefit the project provided to the taxpayers of the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District.

This amount fell short of the amount requested by Avon by over $900,000 because the benefit provided to our district, using the most creative of accounting methods, was 7 percent of the project cost. To be clear, the ERWSD is absorbing more than our pro-rata share for the project.

As a board member, I felt that an expenditure of over $1,300,000 (the requested amount) would be irresponsible given the negligible benefit provided (both economically and environmentally) to the ERWSD, the current economic climate and purchasing power that $900,000 would afford the district.

By basis of comparison, the entire Avon wastewater facility could be outfitted with solar power two times over for the same amount. The current economic climate demands that our funds be used judiciously and in a manner consistent with our charge as a district: to provide water and sanitation services for our constituents.

It bears mentioning that the Water District and Water Authority have been leaders in environmental stewardship for a number of years. Inherent to our position as a board member is our obligation to protect one of most valuable assets: Our water. The record of the current and past boards suggests that we are excelling in that regard. I would invite Ms. Krueger to do her homework before publishing more letters.

David Viele

Treasurer, Eagle River Water and Sanitation District

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