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Unfair to ATV users

Clark Frentzen , Walnut Creek

Also, I just wondered why you failed to point out that it is currently legal under United States law for motorized recreational use of all existing roads and trails in this national forest unless a specific road or trail is signed “closed” or physically closed with a gate? It appears that either you didn’t know this or just chose to ignore this significant point in your news article.

Perhaps you should ask the Forest Service a few questions and get a few more facts before you write your next news story on this subject. The public deserves the complete story, not just “gee whiz” reporting that demonizes another person’s choice of recreational activity.

By the way, the USFS does have the authority (currently) to restrict motorized access to any type or category of vehicle at any time under the current United States code of regulations.

For example, single track narrow trails that are inappropriate to ATV and 4-wheel drive vehicles should be so posted by the Forest Service and enforced accordingly. Thus, this type of trail or route would remain open only to bicycles and trail bikes. Wider wheel track vehicles that cause widening of the trail and damage to the areas adjacent to the trail would then be prohibited.

The U.S. Forest Service can enforce these restrictions today. There is no reason to wait for a new study or a new plan. I suggest another article that includes significant input from both the U.S. Forest Service and the off-highway recreation clubs to present another view on this issue.

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