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Unfit for health insurance

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

Here we are with a “war” on drugs, lots of legislation against smoking and a growing realization that our population is becoming more obese, which is bad news.

At the same time we are concerned with the gross amount of money spent on health care, the ever-increasing costs of monthly premiums and the desire to provide health coverage for all, or at least, many more of us.

So how about adding some personal responsibility to the equation and helping to solve both problems? I’m suggesting that after a get-ready period of three years, we say that people who smoke, use drugs (not including marijuana) or are grossly obese don’t qualify for health insurance. Period!

Without any doubt those sinners require more than their fair share of health care and its costs, so eliminating them would certainly reduce the price of insurance premiums for the rest of us.

I believe, too, that such a rule would coerce some folks away from smoking, using drugs or remaining obese. Two pretty good results!

And what’s wrong with responsible citizenship?

David Le Vine

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