University of Colorado following Apollo’s footsteps |

University of Colorado following Apollo’s footsteps

Monte Whaley
The Denver Post

BOULDER – We have walked on the moon, driven over it and hit golf balls off its rugged surface. Most of us have also shelved moon exploration as a grainy memory from the last century.

But as the 40th anniversary nears of man’s first lunar landing, Apollo 11, the moon continues to ignite the imagination of scientists at the University of Colorado. They say it holds the key to deeper understanding of our solar system and beyond.

“I hear it so often: ‘Haven’t we already done that? Why don’t we move on to something else like Mars or someplace like that?’ ” said professor Jack Burns of CU- Boulder’s Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy.

“That’s like saying after Lewis and Clark returned from exploring the Louisiana Purchase that we really don’t need to go any farther west,” Burns said. “With the moon, we only started to scratch the surface.”

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