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University parties on

Just what are they smoking at the University of Colorado in Boulder?In the case of some students, the answer is well known. But administrators at the state’s “flagship” university have apparently dipped into a secret stash beyond even the most smoke-clouded dreams of the Cheech and Chong Appreciation Society.The latest out of Boulder involves, again, dingbat professor Ward Churchill. The school originally cancelled a Churchill speech scheduled for Monday, citing “security concerns.” Tuesday, the school reversed course, after Churchill had gone to court seeking an injunction to allow him to speak. Apparently security wasn’t really such a concern after all.All this follows a decision by the school’s board of regents to “study” Churchill’s work – apparently on grounds that it’s merely offensive – while ignoring allegations of academic fraud made by professors at other schools. D’oh!Whatever the result of the peek at Churchill’s work, rest assured the school’s administration will handle it in the most embarrassing way possible.Meanwhile Churchill himself – until now an anonymous little professor blathering away in an anonymous department at just another Red State university – is happily wallowing in the sty all this attention has created.Unless the academic fraud charges hold up, which would start the real fun, the Churchill brouhaha will blow over in a few weeks, and the ivory tower Che Guevara will fade back into academic anonymity.But, given the recent pattern at Boulder, no doubt some other “crisis” will crop up soon enough, the administration will bungle it, and the hoots of derision will grow louder.If CU isn’t being shamed by a rating as the country’s top party school, then administrators are bumbling through alleged recruiting improprieties in the football program that include unproven accusations of rape. Not a year after the football coach was suspended for 90 days for making boorish comments about a former player, faculty and administrators staunchly defend the “academic freedom” of a man whose statements about 9/11 victims are more boorish by a factor of, oh, 3,000.It’s long past time to worry about the inmates running the asylum at Boulder. Instead, those who care about the state’s top school wonder when, or if, the madness will ever be contained, and worse, what fresh embarrassments await with the next page of the calendar.Vail, Colorado

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