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Unloading on the Matrix

Nickey Hernandez

Not every blockbuster deserves a sequel. Such is the case with the sadly disappointing “Matrix Reloaded.”Count me among the blue-pill popping masses that lauded the original “Matrix.” I’ve seen the first flick half a dozen times and consider its revolutionary film style among the greater cinematic achievements in recent decades.But once you’ve watched the film’s hero, Neo, master his powers and kick virtual ass in “The Matrix” you know he’ll be unstoppable in the sequel.As such, “Matrix Reloaded” comes off like a retread. It’s a been there, done that flick with a little extra sizzle.When “The Matrix” debuted four years ago, it was a jaw-dropping thrill to watch Neo and his mentor, Morpheus, flip, fly and fight in crazy slow motion. Now every fight film and every other TV commercial uses the same tricks, so the whole thing has become stale.I suspect that’s why the filmmakers overloaded “Matrix Reloaded” with endless fights and a car chase scene that goes on for 15 minutes.To be fair, the chase scene is pretty cool, but once the heroes have bested the bad guys six times while flying along a superhighway, you can’t get excited when they encounter a seventh obstacle.”Matrix Reloaded” also comes with an extremely complex plot that has something to do with whether existence is about free choice, cause and effect, or pre-programmed destiny.”Matrix Reloaded” focuses on the evil machines attempt to destroy Zion, the last holdout of the human race. As before, Neo, his sexy babe Trinity, and Morpheus go on the offensive when a mystic tells them to seek out the architect of the computer-generated world known as the matrix.Along the way, we see them fight thousands of assassins and several other virtual crazies. The best of the lot is a pompous Frenchmen, who gets away with the best line of all when he explains that cursing in his sweet-sounding, native tongue is “like wiping your ass with silk.”Unfortunately, the sequel is a shadow of it’s former self. Gone are the intrigue, the message and the thrilling complexity of the original story line. In its place is a cartoon of nearly non-stop battle sequences that pit Neo against an every increasing army of Matrix evildoers.Worse yet, the sequel ends in a lame cliffhanger fashion that compels all to line up for the third installment later this year.In the end, “Matrix Reloaded” behaves like a hyped up tech stock. It sucks you in with the promise of riches, then leaves you high and dry.Until next time, Mr. Hernandez has left the theater to take the red pill. qNickey Hernandez is a former private investigator who believes sci-fi sequels, like Siamese twins, should be drowned at birth.

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