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Unruly passengers on bus, sleigh prompt calls to county cops

Daily Staff Report

A disruptive passenger on a Greyhound bus prompted a call for help from the bus driver, who pulled off of Interstate 70 at Dotsero last week.The driver told deputies that one of her passengers, a 71-year-old man who weighed about 300 pounds, had reached through the safety glass and grabbed her leg while she was driving. She said the man also threatened to kill her. Passengers pulled the man away from her.Deputies questioned the man, who was from Chicago, but said he was headed to Grand Junction to retire. The man was agitated and upset, and showed some symptoms of dementia.He told the officers that he was frightened because he thought the bus was going too fast. He said he was attempting to grab the keys out of the ignition. He also indicated that he was diabetic, and had other medical problems.He was charged with hindering transportation and harassment; then was transported to the hospital in Glenwood Springs for medical treatment.Hitching a rideAn uninvited guest on a sleigh ride to the exclusive Beano’s Cabin restaurant on the mountain at Beaver Creek caused a stir last week.The 42-year-old Bond man, who had apparently been drinking, jumped into the snow-cat drawn sleigh as it was preparing to depart. When an employee asked him to get out, the uninvited guest refused, and yelled a few obscenities.The employee, who said later that he had been advised to be non-confrontational with unruly patrons, allowed the man to stay on the sleigh. The drunk man laid down on a bench in the sleigh, pulled a blanket over himself, and went for a ride.Beaver Creek Security was summoned, as was a deputy sheriff. The man, who by that time was apologetic, was taken into custody on a disorderly conduct charge. He also admitted to a drinking problem, and asked for some help.Spare the rod …Beaver Creek Ski School employees called the cops last week after an upset father hit his 4-year-old daughter.The child, who had been signed up for a ski class, had been throwing severe temper tantrums throughout the morning, refusing to go with the class, then laying down in the snow and refusing to get up. She also attempted to tie herself to a rail with a scarf.When the dad came to pick the child up, she was spending some time in the “feel better room.” The angry dad spanked her, then, according to some employees, grabbed the child by her ear or her hair, and took her from the room.When ski school employees and bystanders intervened, the dad became angry, and said that in Germany he could treat his daughter as he saw fit. His wife then arrived, and she too yelled at the ski school supervisors. A call was placed to the county cops.A deputy tracked down the family at their condominium. The father said he had spanked his daughter as a disciplinary measure. The mother was offended by the reaction of bystanders, and declared she would never come back to the United States.There was no sign of injuries to the child and no charges were filed.Defiant daughterA Gypsum teenager who asked to be removed from her parents home and placed in foster care changed her tune after being handcuffed for about 15 minutes.The incident started out with a report of child abuse from the girl, who claimed her mother had hit her with a telephone book.Her parents became upset after their daughter, already on probation for use of marijuana, tested positive for cocaine. That, and the girl’s refusal to help clean the house, led to a verbal confrontation that the girl claimed turned physical – but she had no visible injuries, other than a small bruise on her upper arm.The parents denied any physical abuse, although the mother said she did hold her daughter by the arms to prevent her from kicking them.The father offered several alternatives to resolving the situation, including having the girl spend the night with relatives. The girl refused to return home, saying she wanted to go to a girlfriend’s house. The parents rejected that idea, saying the girlfriend had some drug issues of her own.The girl then demanded to be placed in foster care. However, such a decision requires a court order.She was released to the custody of her father, while at the probation office, and immediately walked out. The father asked deputies to classify her as a runaway. Officers immediately picked her up, and handcuffed her.Fifteen minutes later, she agreed to go back to her home, but said she may run away again in the future.Industrial accidentA Zamboni driver at Adventure Ridge in Vail lost two fingers recently when he attempted to hit some ice off of the exhaust, and his glove got pulled in by an auger. He was taken to the Vail Hosptial for treatment.Miscellaneous mischief• A Guest at a spa at Arrowhead reported the loss of his $17,500 Rolex watch. The man had put the watch in his robe pocket while getting a massage, then forgot about it. The robe had already been sent to the laundry when he realized it was missing. • The Castle Peak Ranch Homeowners Association reported that somebody apparently crashed into the entrance gate with a small vehicle. Damage to the gate was estimated at $1,600.• A warrant has been issued for a 42-year-old Edwards man who failed to register as a sex offender, despite promising to come into the sheriff’s office to do so.

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