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Unsatisfied with wireless in Vail

Robert Kramer
Vail, CO, Colorado

The town of Vail, together with Vail Resorts, needs to re-examine whatever arrangement or contract they have with CenturyTel.

First, its signal annoyingly dominates the Vail resort area as the default WiFi source and cannot easily be deleted, but it is also a relatively weak signal, depending on one’s specific location.

Second, it offers only one free hour of service per 24-hour period.

Third, its fees are ridiculous at $9.95 a day, $29.95 a month and $300 a year.

Fourth, signing up is cumbersome, even for the free one-hour option.

Fifth, and this is quite bothersome to me, it requires free-service customers not only to provide name, address and phone but to include other information that is private and none of the company’s business: age, income level, marital status, purpose of Vail trip, etc.

It appears that neither the town of Vail nor Vail Resorts is aware or may not care about this Vail WiFi “service” that does carry their name. I called the town’s IT lead last week, and he politely said that he’d raise the issue. I also rode on a chairlift a few days ago with Vail Resort’s IT czar and told him of my concerns. I asked him if he and the town’s IT lead ever talked or met about the area’s WiFi or IT issues. No!

I am from the D.C. area and have been coming to Vail for two or more weeks at a time annually for more than 25 years and do not have WiFi built into my laptop or iPod. Yes, I can pick up free signals from some hotels and merchants at Vail, but it’s not always convenient to do so.

My condo landlord is a thrifty one and also cutting back services during these hard times.

Are there others out there with a similar beef, or am I it? I do ask that the powers that be look into this and take appropriate corrective action.

Robert Kramer

Potomac, Md.

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