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Unusual movers handle special cargo

Derek Franz
Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Daily

GYPSUM, Colorado – When the By Nature Gallery moved to a new location in Beaver Creek on Nov. 4, the business required a special crew to handle its unique merchandise.

Not just anyone can pack and move a T-rex skull or a 1,500-pound slab of petrified wood. That’s why White Horse Solutions in Gypsum has found a niche in this valley’s moving and storage needs and that niche even takes employees all over the continent.

“When we first opened By Nature Gallery, we didn’t have a clue how we were going to send or receive these things,” said Frances Rolater, who co-owns By Nature Gallery with her husband, Rick. “We’ve worked with White Horse Solutions from the very beginning, in 2003, and they are an integral part of our business. We would have a very hard time without them.”

By Nature Gallery is basically a museum where the objects are for sale. That means they need to be repackaged and shipped again when they are sold.

White Horse Solutions saves the packing material for those items and delivers them wherever they need to go when the time comes. The business delivered a 1,100-pound slap of petrified redwood to Florida last year. And By Nature Gallery is only one of White Horse Solutions’ clients. (To learn more about By Nature Gallery, visit http://www.bynaturegallery.com.)

“We handle the specialty stuff that no one else wants to touch,” said White Horse Solutions owner Steve Moch.

Sometimes a job’s situation is more unique than the item being moved.

“Whatever it is, we find a way to get it where it needs to go. I’ve had 4,000-pound safes dangling over Vail Village and I’ve loaded things onto private jets,” Moch said. “We are the logistics guys who figure out how to package and ship.”

Moch said one of the most epic delivery trips was five stops – to Chicago, Pennsylvania, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles and then back home – in two weeks.

Moch and his six employees get a sizable chunk of their business through various interior designers in the area. That’s why the new furniture for The Lodge at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs was shipped to Gypsum first, to be delivered and installed by White Horse Solutions.

“The designers often prefer to use movers they know they can trust,” Moch said.

As a result, Moch said, he’s been able to count on word-of-mouth advertising since he started the business in 2001.

Some of the White Horse crew members have only been there about six months, others for several years.

“This is the best team I’ve had in 11 years,” Moch said.

The employees seem to enjoy their time there, too. The group once pranked one of its members by wrapping his car in plastic and fork-lifting it onto a rack for him to find later.

“The job certainly deals with unusual things, situations and people,” said Arren Hawks, who has been with White Horse for a year.

Wenna Powders, the company’s general manager, said there is no such thing as a typical day there.

“Depending on the job or the project, there is always something new that we have to prepare for,” she said.

This week, the crew delivered copy machines that will be used on the ski slope for the Birds of Prey World Cup ski races slated for Dec. 2 through Dec. 4.

White Horse Solutions is located at 0770 Lindbergh Drive, Unit 304, in Gypsum. The business is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and can reached at 970-328-7868.

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