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Up valley, down valley – it’s all good

Brian Ross

want. Someone in West Virginia won the Powerball and this article is coming out on Saturday – so I’m a day late and quite a few dollars short.

I hope you got out to see Bukue One and Tajai or Sucker on Friday. Both shows were great opportunities for live music; Saturday has plenty to offer as well.

nSaturday- Back for the second time this season is Unity Gain at Sanctuary. This night is a total redecoration of the bar. Tapestries, wall coverings and film screens will be on both floors. On decks upstairs and down will be DJs Liondub, Ivy, Sex Clown and Psychonaut spinning their lo-fi dub sounds while film images are be projected everywhere. Their last visit in November was a success and no doubt the follow-up will be just as strong. Once again the hip hop vibes from the night before are followed up by Z-28 and DJ Steve Stone at the Bridge. These members of Technics Chainsaw Massacre play hip hop from current hits to old school classics.

nSunday- After a hard weekend of work, the Sunday of a locals-night tradition continues with SIN night at Sanctuary and Sunday Night Solutions at the Bridge. SIN night (Service Industry Night) features local DJs laying down house tracks. Sunday Night Solutions features DJ.Com and Scott Stoughton on percussions and vocals. Numerous guests could be there since Sucker played a few nights earlier, and those boys know everybody. The club scene is expanding down valley with Agave Restaurant presenting Groove. This may be a restaurant by day, but the vibe expands for the house, breakbeats, trance and techno sounds with the newly designed dance floor, lighting system and sounds for DJs Mike D, Crack A, Anime-A and numerous possible guests at night. DJ Gibby hosts the night as he and each DJ take a turn on the decks. A new spot for entertainment in the valley is always worth checking


nTuesday- This week contains one of the biggest nights out – New Year’s Eve, of course. Each bar tries to pull out all the stops out and the clubs are no exception. Some places charge a large cover, but you are paying

for an all-inclusive night of drink, food and entertainment. Sanctuary plays house music all night with open bar for their patrons. 8150 keeps the open bar theme going, while bringing in Chicago DJ Angel Alanis. Angel is one of Chicago’s most productive and talented DJs. The Bridge tries to keep the cover low, but you have to pay as you drink, while the boys from Technics Chainsaw Massacre keep you on the dance floor.

Dancing and having fun is what this week is all about, so try not to miss any of the entertainment hitting the clubs of Vail, and now Avon.

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