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Updated state regulations on marijuana impact Eagle

What’s ‘public’ and ‘open' more clearly defined

Eagle updated its marijuana regulations to more clearly define what's open and what's public. If you're using marijuana in a place to which the publjc has unrestricted access, you're breaking the law.
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EAGLE — The state legislature has written a new definition of “public and open consumption of marijuana” that has changed marijuana regulations in Eagle.

Because Eagle is a statutory town — under the authority of the state government, at least until April when Eagle voters will decide whether they want out from under the state’s thumb to become home rule — the town’s marijuana regulations must reflect the state’s.

According to the new definition of the law, you can use marijuana in your home — even if the public can see you.

Under Senate Bill 224, “open” means the public can see you doing it. That’s fine under the state law.

“Publicly” means the public has unrestricted access in places such as streets, transportation facilities, parks, playgrounds, common areas and other facilities. Imbibing marijuana in those places is still against the law.

“For example, smoking marijuana in front of a store would be considered both open and public and the person could be charged with public consumption. However, a person who is smoking in his own enclosed backyard, even if the public is able to see him smoking from the street, would not be considered public consumption because the public does not have access to the smoker’s backyard,” Eagle’s new regulations say.

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