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Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority – Agenda for June 23, 2005

Upper Eagle Regional Water AuthorityRegular MeetingJune 23, 20058:30 a.m.AGENDA06-23-01Public Comment06-23-02Consultant/Guest Introduction06-23-03Minutes of Meetings a.Minutes of Regular Meeting of May 26, 2005 (Attachment 3a) Consideration: Approval or Modificationb.Minutes of Special Joint Meeting of May 26, 2005 (Attachment 3b) Consideration: Approval or Modification06-23-04Town of Avon River Recreation Enhance ProjectRon Wolfe (Attachment 4) 06-23-05Draft Audited Financial Statements Bill Petrie, Clifton Gunderson, LLPYear Ending December 31, 2004 (Attachment Under Separate Cover)Report by Water CounselGlenn PorzakWarner Excess Water Rights IssueFlattops Ranches CaseEast Fork Pumpback Project (Attachment 6c) Minturn Water Issues06-23-07Report by Legal CounselJames P. Collins06-23-08Report by General ManagerDennis Gelvin Monthly Report (not available) b.Other matters06-23-09Report by Finance ManagerBecky Bultemeier May Financials (Attachment 9)Consideration: Approval or Modification06-23-10Reports That Require No Action Capital Improvements Projects Report (Attachment 10a)Water Production and Consumption Report (Attachment 10b)System Capacity vs. System Demand (Attachment 10c)Interconnect Operations Report (Attachment 10d)Contract Log (Attachment 10e)Distribution/Collection Status Report (Attachment 10f)Tap Fee Report (Attachment 10g) Monthly Water Sales-ERWSD (Attachment 10h) i.UERWA May Referral Memo (Attachment 10i)j.ERWSD May Referral Memo (Attachment 10j)06-23-11AdjournmentFYI Upper Eagle Regional Water AuthorityAgenda-June 23, 2005Page PAGE 2Vail Colorado

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