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Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority – Agenda for May 26, 2005

Daily Staff Report

Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority

Regular Meeting

May 26, 2005

8:30 a.m.


05-26-01 Public Comment

05-26-02 Consultant/Guest Introduction

05-26-03 Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 28, 2005 (Attachment 3)

Consideration: Approval or Modification

Admission of Additional Members to UERWA Board

Report by Water Counsel”Glenn Porzak

Final Approval of Avon Supplemental Lease (Attachment 5)

05-26-06 Report by Legal Counsel”James P. Collins

05-26-07 Report by General Manager”Dennis Gelvin

Monthly Report (Attachment 7a)

b. Treated Water Storage Policy (Attachment 7b)

c. Other matters

05-26-08 Report by Finance Manager”Becky Bultemeier

April Financials (Attachment 8)

Consideration: Approval or Modification

05-26-09 Reports That Require No Action

Capital Improvements Projects Report (Attachment 9a)

Water Production and Consumption Report (Attachment 9b)

System Capacity vs. System Demand (Attachment 9c)

Interconnect Operations Report (Attachment 9d)

Contract Log (Attachment 9e)

Distribution/Collection Status Report (Attachment 9f)

Tap Fee Report (Attachment 9g)

Monthly Water Sales-ERWSD (Attachment 9h)

i. UERWA April Referral Memo (Attachment 9i)

j. ERWSD April Referral Memo (Attachment 9j)

05-26-10 Adjournment


Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority

Agenda-April 28, 2005

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