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Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority – Special Meeting, 10-27-05

Daily Staff Report

10-27-01 Public Comment

10-27-02 Consultant/Guest Introduction

10-27-03 Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Regular Meeting of September 22, 2005 (Attachment 3

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Consideration: Approval or Modification

10-27-04 Public Hearing for 2006 Draft Budget”Becky Bultemeier (Under Separate Cover)

10-27-05 Report by Water Counsel”Glenn Porzak

Colorado River Basin Proposal Status Report

Denver Diligence Litigation

Homestake Exchange – Bureau Of Reclamation Issues

Eagle Mine Water Quality Issues

Water Supply To The Avon Confluence Project

10-27-06 Request for $5,000 EPRC Allocation for CRBP Yield Study (Attachment 6)

10-27-07 Report by Legal Counsel”James P. Collins

10-27-08 Report by General Manager”Dennis Gelvin

Monthly Report (Attachment 8a)

Pall Micro-filter Pilot Plant (Attachment 8b)

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Other matters

10-27-09 Report by Finance Manager”Becky Bultemeier

a. September Financials (Attachment 9a)

Consideration: Approval or Modification

b. McNamara Reservoir- Ratification of $300,000 of cash from “Cash in Lieu”

c. 2004 Operations Refund (Attachment 9c)


Flattops Ranches Acquisition”Lee Leavenworth

Eagle Mine/Eagle River Cleanup”Steve Bushong

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