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Urban renewal

Laura A. Ball
Laura A. Ball/Vail DailyWedge sandals, $95, Well Heeled in Edwards.

New York can be very intimidating, especially when it comes to fashion. With access to some of the best shopping in the world, New Yorkers are knee-deep in the evolution of style. Summer fashion is heating up the metropolis and New Yorkers are taking to the streets with a sense of renewal, partially inspired by the flower children of the ’70s.

Last weekend I carefully packed up all my country belongings I thought appropriate and headed to the big city. If I feel the urge to fit in anywhere, it’s the big apple, where trends are at once ridiculed and obeyed.

I spent the weekend seeing the sights of the city (the new MOMA and the Central Park Zoo) and exploring night life (Saturday Night Live and Broadway shows). Everywhere I went, I people-watched, one of my favorite things to do on the urban isle, breaking down the styles among the fashion-forward New Yorkers.From what I witnessed, the typical New Yorker is a bit relaxed these days, appearing as though they’re working to live not living to work. More acceptable is underdressing. The hipster phenomenon that has ruled the city for the last few years is fading into chic bohemian rhapsody. The hard-edge ’80s are being replaced by the free-spirited flow of the ’70s with a modern twist.

Start with a pair of long shorts. Everyone’s making them from Old Navy to Dior. The high-waist has already hit, previewed on runways for fall. If your workplace is casual or encourages personal style, you can wear them to the office. Pair them with a great short-sleeved tunic, not too fancy though. You don’t want to be draped in beads all day long. Throw on a long necklace with some sort of trinket or charm for pizzazz. The big, chunky bauble bracelets in natural wood or bright colors complement perfectly. If you need to avoid hypothermia in the air-conditioned office or on cool summer nights, the blazer with elbow-length sleeves is very smart. As far as feet go, every woman on the subway was perched delicately on a pair of wedges. They’re colorful, coral not basic black, and surprisingly comfortable. For your iPod, cell phone, billfold and lip gloss, there is no better carryall than a gold purse. They were blinding me all over the city, a non-stop disco party day and night, with the most casual and the most chic of getups.

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