Users need center all year |

Users need center all year

Heidi Bintz

I moved to this valley 23 years ago for the outdoor lifestyle. Besides skiing, horses are my other love. After many years of living here, I was able to get a horse again and am lucky enough to keep them on my property in the Edwards area. However, finding property for horses is getting more and more difficult with all the planned communities. Plus, the public facilities are slowly going away. I believe this valley should be used for all activities and not eliminate one group from anything. We seem to have more sports fields all the time while the horses get pushed off. I have been part of horse activities in the Eagle River Center several times and am totally impressed by how wonderful it is.

When I heard about this plan to kick horse people out for even a short period I was so very disappointed by Eagle County. What happened to our western heritage and outdoor lifestyle and activities that go with it?

I grew up in 4-H and horses and that was SO important to me as a teenager. It is terrible and so sad that other teenagers my not have that ability. As a longtime Eagle County resident and mother of two teenage daughters (that do not do team sports), I want to support the use of ALL the facilities at the Eagle County Fairgrounds for horse activities year-round.

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