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Using logo not Eagle County priority

Chris Outcalt
Eagle County, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” Don’t expect to see Eagle County, Colorado’s new logo anytime soon.

County officials and GOGO Creative ” the Texas-based design company that created the graphic ” are working on a contract that would make it clear Eagle County owns the logo. And deciding exactly what to do with the logo after the contract is finalized isn’t one of the commissioners’ priorities.

“I don’t think we made the case for it,” Commissioners Jon Stavney said.

GOGO was hired in 2007 to rebrand the county. The company presented multiple proposals for a new logo and slogan for the county. After reviewing the options, the commissioners couldn’t decide on one they all liked.

Lisa Mac, head of GOGO Creative, designed another logo the commissioners all agreed on, but because Mac created it after she completed and was paid for the initial contract work, she still owns it, officials said.

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The county won’t pay any additional money to own the logo, Communications Director Kris Friel said. The contract the county and Mac signed two years ago was for $36,500.

Commissioner Sara Fisher doesn’t know exactly what will happen to the logo. It could end up getting reused at some point, though, she said.

“It has some interesting potential,” Fisher said.

The County revealed its logo choice in February and had an online vote so residents could pick whether they liked it better than the current logo. About 1,500 votes were cast and the new graphic lost by about 20 votes.

Switching to the new logo was touted as a cost saving move by county officials. The graphic is cheaper to reproduce, they said, because it only has two colors in it, not four, and the county would only replace materials with the old logo on them if it was necessary.

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