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Utilizing content marketing within business strategy

To grow your business and increase your market share, you need to provide excellent guest experiences, have a good product or service, and prospective customers need to know you exist. Continuing last week’s theme, this can be accomplished though content marketing.

Content marketing isn’t a new concept. At the turn of the 20th century, the Michelin brothers, Andre and Edouard, owners of the Michelin tire company, decided to publish a guide for the car owners of France. It listed the names and locations of petrol stations, garages and mechanics, hotels and restaurants. Essentially, the brothers determined that they were not selling enough tires, so they created guidebooks and distributed to restaurants, mechanics and others in order to sell more tires.

More recently, consider Coca-Cola. Coke had mastered the brand-to-consumer communication in the traditional 30-second TV spot with some of the best traditional advertisements in history. Almost everyone loved the Coke bears, but while that campaign had remarkable ad-recall, it was proven to not move the needle concerning intent to purchase.

Jordan Mildenhall, Coke’s vice president of global advertising, recognized that advertisers need more content so they can keep the engagement with consumers fresh and relevant. The new strategy is aimed at creating content that makes a commitment to making the world a better place and to develop value and significance in people’s lives.

Importance of connection

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Video is a significant part of content marketing. It specifically converts in the travel and tourism business. Video converts all throughout the travel funnel, with 64 percent of travelers reporting that they view videos when thinking about visiting a destination, 63 percent when choosing a destination and 65 percent when looking for ideas of what to see and do in a destination. You might be surprised that more than half of people interested in a destination want to see experiential videos highlighting lodging.

Consider Red Bull: Red Bull mastered the concept of using video to communicate with its prospective customers and to build its brand. Red Bull’s YouTube channel has launched more than 100 videos that have amassed at least 1 million views; it has launched a popular magazine with more than 5 million subscribers; a record label; and 2 film studios under Red Bull Media House.

Successful content marketing isn’t restricted to massive brands like Michelin, Coke and Red Bull. Closer to home, Vail and Beaver Creek do a great job of creating video content that is compelling and helps tell the story of the brand. Vail Daily’s “On the Hill” daily video series is compelling content showcasing our mountains and various activities around the valley.

Delivering relevant content

Content is more than the copy on a website. It’s everything; from tweets to newsletters to earned media. It’s any medium of information, entertainment or subject matter concerning your business and your customers. The essence of content marketing is the understanding that in today’s changing media marketplace we need to deliver consistent, ongoing and valuable information to customers.

Content marketing is quite often a long game. You can’t launch one effort and expect immediate results. Increasing your customer base in today’s online world means that you need more online content to get people talking about your products, your services and your company.

Vail Valley Partnership is excited to provide a variety of content marketing opportunities to help spotlight and promote our members through various content channels including video, web, social, newsletter, and more. We are your partner in providing and distributing valuable content to help reach and connect with potential customers, and in turn to grow your business by leveraging your chamber membership.

To learn more about the partnership’s member benefits and content tools, visit www.VailValleyPartnership.com

Chris Romer is president and CEO of Vail Valley Partnership.

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