Vail adventure photographer Jon Sheppard’s show at Vail Public Library |

Vail adventure photographer Jon Sheppard’s show at Vail Public Library

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Adventure photographer and author Jon Sheppard's photos are on display at the Vail Public Library. He's hosting a reception today from 5-7 p.m. |

If You Go

What: Jon Sheppard photo exhibit

Where: Vail public library

When: Opening reception is 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, June 27. The exhibit runs through June 30

Cost: Free

Information: Go to

VAIL — Terra firma was never enough for Jon Sheppard, an adventure photographer and award-winning author.

Sheppard’s photos and award-winning books are on display at the Vail Public Library. He’s hosting a reception today.

Action and adventure

Sheppard’s life reads like an action and adventure book.

He was a Navy kid for whom travel was commonplace. Among other places, he lived on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

A Kodiak bear is as big as you think it is, he said.

As a young man, he lived in the West Indies where he was in the boat charter and scuba diving business.

That’s where he began his underwater photography and film work.

“Diving for sunken treasure, spearfishing and exploring the jungles was a daily routine,” Sheppard said.

That’s also where he dove headlong into underwater photography and scenic landscapes.

For what seemed like good reasons at the time, he migrated to Tennessee where he shared his skills for rock climbing and had his own climbing school. He also delighted in the challenges of whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Terra firma, of course, was never enough, which explains why he became an avid sky diver. His highest jump was from 20,000 feet.

High life and High Country

Back on the ground in Tennessee, he played drums in the world of country music.

He was also a TV cameraman and videographer, working many years in the television production industry and making music videos.

Sheppard has called the Colorado High Country his home since 1989. When he’s not home — and he often isn’t — he’s photographing the scenic beauty all around us.

He was also introduced to skiing, and figured that anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

For fun, he and two friends — one of them blind — set a world record by skiing 18 Colorado ski areas in one day, while raising more than $20,000 for the U.S. Disabled Ski Team. Helicopters and vehicles proceeding at well above the posted speed limit were involved.

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