Vail amphitheater ‘plaza’ passes new test |

Vail amphitheater ‘plaza’ passes new test

VAIL — A planned entry plaza at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater will end up with a white, not beige, roof.

The roof is an integral part of an open-air plaza planned for the amphitheater, which is owned by the town but run by the Vail Valley Foundation. Foundation officials had proposed the plaza as part of a broader plan for the amphitheater that this year added upgraded restrooms and improved the lawn seating at the facility.

Plans for the plaza, the second phase of an improvement project, were delayed earlier this year due in part to complaints about the proposal.

Foundation officials went back to the drawing board and came back with a plan that was better-received by council members. The plan then went through the town’s approval process. The council already reversed a proposal by the town’s Planning and Environmental Commission to deny the plaza plan.

The Vail Design Review Board then looked at the proposal, and approved it, with one exception — the plaza roof’s color. Foundation officials appealed that decision.

Pedro Campos, a landscape architect for Zehren and Associates, the architectural company on the project, Tuesday told council members that changing the originally planned white roof to a beige that would match the exterior walls of the theater would “compromise” the intent of the roof.

Campos said the original material will let light through, would require less maintenance and have a longer useful life than the color proposed by the Town Board.

Design Review Board members also worried that the white roof would be too visible from Vail Valley Drive.

Council members ultimately allowed the original material by a 6-1 vote, with council member Kerry Donovan opposed.

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