Vail area children give thanks |

Vail area children give thanks

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” For adults, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect. We ponder the many things that make life worth living ” from the food on the table, to our loved ones.

As we revel in gratitude, though, complications tend to arise. From wrangling with holiday traffic to forgetting to buy the crab dip, adults cope with their share of turkey day anxiety.

For children, Thanksgiving is a simpler holiday. We posed the question “What are you thankful for?” to children at two local elementary schools.

Their answers are a testament to childhood wonder.

Paddy Nary, 7

“My mom because she takes care of me.”

Arianna Pena, 6

“My brother because he shares with me. If he plays with Lightning McQueen and ‘Mater, he shares it with me.”

Alec Moritz, 6

“Chrismas because you get to see Santa and you get toys. My family because they’re nice to me.”

Kaitlin Medina, 6

“My family because they sometimes let me help them cook. My grandparents because they kind of live right next to me.”

Jorge Orlando Membreno, 8

“I am thankful for the food and different stuff so we can celebrate Thanksgiving.”

Omar Carlos Gaspar, 8

“I am thankful for my family and my friends for taking care of me when I am sick and I am thankful for the food that we have, and we can eat. I am thankful for all this land we have.”

Gabriella Betzabeth Hernandez, 8

“To go to this school.”

Mariana Rojas, 8

“Our moms and food and the mountains.”

David Gonzalez, 5

“Because I have food and a home and air and fruit and parents, mom and dad, because they buy me food and because they buy me toys.”

Ulisses Carbajal, 5

“I’m thankful for a lot of love. I’m thankful for my brother and I’m thankful for my friends and I’m thankful to my toys. I’m thankful to my parents and I’m thankful to my grandma. I’m thankful to my grandpa.”

Brandon Sanchez, 5

“My dad. He loves me, and my mom. She makes me things to eat.”

Kadee Villalba, 5

“For my dad because he was sick and he’s getting better. For my mom and my sister because they take care of me. For my little brother, because he takes care of me.”

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