Vail at the Crossroads |

Vail at the Crossroads

Don Rogers

Peter Knoble has plans for the Crossroads to bring more fun to Vail. New bowling lanes, four-screen movie theater, ice rink, climbing walls, arcade. And something the grownups in charge of nit-picking project plans for Vail’s renaissance might especially like: 505 underground parking spots. Knoble not so long ago bought the tired shopping center in a key corner of Vail. He proposes to tear it down and build a new Crossroads that truly might help tug those Vail expatriates back to the headwaters town for the fun of it.At this stage, of course, talk is just that, but his grand vision has the largest and best theater on the Western Slope and a Crossroads able to attract visitors from all over all on its own.Paired with a Four Seasons and Vail Plaza Hotel also on the planning table, not to mention the various investments of Vail Resort and the town itself, the Crossroads could be a major part of Vail’s rebuilding.The developer appears to have some qualms about the town’s infamous gantlet of review boards. But as long as the town Planning and Environmental Commission, Design and Review Board and Town Council can remember that the aim is to build something better than the tired old Crossroads is now, rather than compete for how many obscure obstacles they can set up, the government side of the equation should result in a more polished project that works well for everyone. The Town Council voting 7-0 for Knoble to proceed with the beginning stage, a request to create a special development district, is a welcome sign.Meantime, it’s great to see more bright, bold ideas for Vail move forward. It’s great to see momentum build for that new dawn, rather than settling for fading light. Vail, Colorado

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