Vail Athletic Club offers free functional training clinics |

Vail Athletic Club offers free functional training clinics

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VAIL, Colorado -Whether you are in a private or small group training session, or a full class at the Vail Athletic Club, you are experiencing what the VAC and gyms across the nation call “functional training.” To introduce the community to functional training and its approach to fitness, the VAC offers free clinics in August to the Vail community.Functional training, the buzz of the fitness industry, is simply a dynamic way of exercising and moving the body to prepare for performance in sports, and performance in life. Sessions include always-changing exercises that move through multiple planes of motion, and develop balance, strength and range of motion. With a constant focus on safe form, functional training workouts can include kettlebells, plyometrics, bodyweight exercises, and more, but are always designed to accommodate every athlete, regardless of age, fitness level or injury.”Circuit training through fixed equipment in the gym is a comfortable way for many Vail athletes to work out, but not usually the most effective,” says Drew Tarkington, head trainer at VAC. “For example, performing body weight squats on an unstable surface mimics the constant movement we experience in skiing and snowboarding much more closely than using the hip sled machine in your gym. This is how functional training can address all aspects of our life, making us much fitter for the sports and life practices we’re performing every day by specifically training for them.”In addition to its seven regularly scheduled functional training classes, the VAC is offering a free outdoor class on Saturday mornings called Get Out! Functional Training. The class features a fun, teamwork-based workout that would remind you of a high school sports practice or boot camp-style experience.The Vail Athletic Club is located within the Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa at 352 East Meadow Drive. For more information about the VAC, visit or call 970-476-7960.

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