Vail Athletic Club presents free nutrition lecture Thursday |

Vail Athletic Club presents free nutrition lecture Thursday

VAIL – On Thursday from 7 to 8 p.m., the Vail Athletic Club presents a special lecture. Jeff Olson, a two-time Olympian and co-founder of Well Nourished Worldwide, delivers a universal message about physiological vitality for everyone about maximizing energy output in the cells to prolong life and performance. The lecture is offered free of charge by the Vail Athletic Club at the Vail Vitality Center and is open to the public.

Conventional wisdom in human nutrition addresses maximizing and sustaining energy output via carbs, proteins and fats (energy dense, caloric foods). Just as the grade of gasoline impacts a car’s performance, the quality of the food that’s put into the body (carbs, proteins, and fats) impacts energy performance. The little engines that turn oxygen and food into energy in every cell are called the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the cellular power stations of every cell in the body and produce the energy molecule (ATP), which proliferates within the cell for energy. To initiate more energy output, one must know how to grow, protect and sustain more mitochondria in the body.

Olson’s lecture details the process of growing mitochondria density and preventing the negative aspects of oxidative stress. Attendees will learn about nutrient dense “superfoods” – fruits and vegetables – and the execution gap that often exists in individual diets. Olson also will introduce a new category of food support, called “food concentrates,” which offers a tried and proven way (both scientifically and real-world) to help bridge the produce consumption gap, maximizing energy output and leading to a longer, stronger life.

Olson is the president and co-founder of Well Nourished Worldwide. He a two-time Olympian, three-time national champion and Pan American Gold Medalist in alpine skiing. Upon retiring from skiing, Olson had successful careers on Wall Street and in technology. In 2000, he co-founded Well Nourished Worldwide and serves as the company’s president. He lives in Denver with his wife and three daughters.

Olson’s free lecture, “Human Performance for Everyone,” is presented by the Vail Athletic Club and takes place there tonight at 7 p.m. For more information or to register call the Vail Vitality Center at 970-476-7960. Space is limited.

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