Vail best at informing public |

Vail best at informing public

Don Rogers

The prize – if there were one and there ought to be – for best public communication has to go to the town of Vail.Not only is the town the best of local governments at sending out detailed agendas and especially their post-council meeting reviews, but they also are quick, sure and concise with well-written press releases. They understand better than just about anyone who sends press releases that newsrooms look for factual information rather than overt hype, which must be attributed or deleted.No police agency comes close to Vail’s quickness and efficiency in letting the public through the press know what’s going on during an emergency, either. In this department, Eagle County emergency services agencies run the gamut from topnotch at keeping the public informed to perhaps the very worst we’ve seen anywhere, and members of this newsroom have worked just about everywhere in this great country. Big fat hint: Vail offers a great model for doing it right. We – the pesky awful press – as well as the public, appreciate that.We’re reminded of all this around this time of year with a well-written, concise press release about the town’s annual community meeting Dec. 30 at 4 p.m. at the Donovan Pavilion, which of course is aimed at keeping residents, second-home owners and visitors informed about the town’s activities.There are a host of other things the town does on the communication front – e-mails, Web postings, informational ads, newsletters, annual surveys, meetings, picnics – and it all adds incrementally to the town doing its part to keep everyone informed.The key point here is that this town sees importance in this role of public leadership. More entities should, too. Vail, Colorado

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