Vail books: Exploring complex women |

Vail books: Exploring complex women

Besse Lynch
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Special to the Vail DailyAuthor Jane Green was born in England but lives in Connecticut. She makes a Vail Valley appearance at the Bookworm of Edwards on Wednesday to promote her newest book, "Dune Road."

VAIL VALLEY COLORADO – Some call it women’s fiction, some call them beach reads, and still others call it fluff. Most know it as chick lit, the term coined to describe the genre of fiction writing that delves into women’s lives and relationships and all of the complexities therein. Beginning in the ’90s with authors like Candace Bushnell, Helen Fielding and Jane Green, who will be visiting The Bookworm of Edwards on Wednesday evening, the genre emerged as an outlet for women writers who wanted to write about the real issues in their lives, not just the standard romance novel line.

“I feel very conflicted about the chick lit label,” Jane Green said. “I write fiction about women’s real lives and real issues – family, friendship … universal themes – I fear the term might put off women who might otherwise be natural fans.”

When Green first started writing 1996 she focused on young, single, career women. Now as her career has grown, so have the lives of her characters.

“My books have an emotional honesty readers can relate to,” Green said. “Just as a writer grows, so does their subject matter, and their fans.”

Green said she is far too serious about her writing to skip the big issues. Her latest release, “Dune Road,” features a diverse cast of characters who span a range of ages and backgrounds, yet the themes remain the same.

“I write about families of choice, those friends whom you love like family,” Green said.

The story centers around three women in their early 40s, navigating the tides of friendship amidst the recent economic collapse in a small, moneyed beach town in Connecticut. Green explores very timely and real issues through the lense of small town life, and, in the process, paints a portrait of a friendship that overcomes the boundaries of wealth, marriage and social pedigree.

As for what’s next on the horizon for Green, she is still working that out.

“I’m trying out some new ideas now in my head,” she said. “Usually I write about places I know, but for the next book, I might try something entirely new, although those universal themes will be the main feature.”

Whether her next novel takes place in Connecticut, England or even India, Green is sure to take the reader on a journey that explores what it means to be a complex woman, with real relationships. She has helped to take women’s literature beyond the sensationalism of the bodice-ripping romance genre, and into a new era – an era where novels are written by real women, for real women, and about real women.

What: Jane Green, bestselling author of “The Beach House” and “Dune Road”

When: 6 p.m., Wednesday

Cost: $20, includes wine and appetizers

More information: Call 970-926-READ or

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