Vail boutique owner explores Valentino, Ports 1961 |

Vail boutique owner explores Valentino, Ports 1961

Jenn Bruno
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

VAIL, Colorado ” Editor’s note: Jenn and Luca Bruno are in Manhattan for fashion week. In this column, Jenn Bruno reports on her findings from the event, which started last Friday and continues through Friday. The Brunos own Vail boutiques Luca Bruno and Due.

Deciding whether or not to add a new line in a showroom can be as awkward as a blind date. Checking out the clothing, you can’t help but wonder if this is for you. And what if it isn’t? Do you stay and go though the motions, only to explain later that maybe another store would be a better fit? And so we arrive at the Ports 1961 showroom with great expectations, hoping we love the line, so we can avoid that uncomfortable moment.

Thank goodness Ports 1961 was superb ” a unique fusion of fabric, fashion and casual elegance. The designer Tia Cibani travels the world for inspiration. This collection was a reflection of her time in Africa. I rarely order personal pieces but found that I could not resist. Runway dresses and jackets mixed in effortlessly with the rest of the collection. Rich pinks, yellows and purples blended smoothly with the more earthy tones of fall. The collection felt zen inspired. A great success.

Next stop M Missoni. We are joined by Rebecca Hernreich and Elaine Kelton, two Vail locals who won a fashion week experience at the Vail Valley Foundation’s gala in November. Throughout the day, they will become a great resource for us. Their perspective and thoughts on fashion help with quite a few of our decisions.

Missoni’s room can be dizzying. Swirling colorful knits cover the room; you feel like you are inhabiting a kaleidoscope. There are three shipments in the collection, each with their own distinct color combinations. We get to work. There are probably 500 to 600 pieces to choose from. There are also multiple knit choices. Models walk in and out of the room at a dizzying pace, trying to get through the piles of clothing we are considering. Our expectations are always high and are always exceeded. Next fall is more of the same: simply perfect.

Off to Valentino, a newer collection for us but one of the most important designers in the history of fashion. The style is a sharp contrast from Missoni. The collection is more structured, less casual. We avoid the suiting and concentrate on the more unique pieces. Beautiful shades of fuchsia and turquoise compliment the winter whites and traditional blacks. The textured fabrics are incredible. Above the knee tiered skirts, incredible blouses embellished with paillettes and the most perfect little black dress are standouts. We also find the next winter’s most fabulous coat and are shocked at how affordable it is. While Valentino has an incredible design tradition, they are not resting on their laurels. There was something for everyone, young and old, size zero or not.

After a fun lunch, Elaine, Becky, Luca and I head over to the Christopher Fischer Cashmere showroom. We are all lucky enough to meet Christopher. We discover he is an avid skier and we all insist that he visit Vail and ski our hometown mountain. And then we get to work. There is more fuchsia and turquoise, but they have fancy names like cerise and blue jay. There is a perfection in the simplicity of the collection. There are also standout fashion pieces. We are excited to hear that they have created an eco-friendly cashmere line. And we are thrilled that their already affordable pricing continues to be just that.

Trends for the day: I am still seeing the ’80s here and there, in the colors and the cuts. While I reported the other day that day glo is a fashion no no, I did see it in collection. I will not mention names, and did not buy it, literally or figuratively. Deep shades of pink appear to be last year’s purple. But purple is still an important color for next fall. You will also see more shades of blue, not just navy and baby blue.

Tomorrow we visit one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers, Thakoon ” one of the new fashion greats. Until then …

Jenn Bruno owns Luca Bruno and Due in Vail.

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