Vail campaign signs are back and will stay up until the election |

Vail campaign signs are back and will stay up until the election

Signs that urged 'no' vote on one candidate weren't the reason the signs were pulled

The town of Vail this year is picking up campaign signs in the town's roundabouts. Those signs go straight into the dumpster.
Scott N. Miller
When's the election? While there’s a general election Nov. 5, the town of Vail holds its own municipal election. Voting for town candidates and a ballot question can be done either by absentee ballot, or in person at Vail town hall.

VAIL — The signs came, they went, and they returned.

In early October, crews from the Vail Public Works Department pulled up Vail Town Council candidates’ campaign signs placed in the town’s roundabouts. Included in those signs were ones urging voters to “vote no” on candidate Karen Perez.

Those signs brought a backlash from some residents, who complained about what they saw as a personal attack on a candidate.

Vail Interim Town Manager Patty McKenny said last week that the controversial signs weren’t the reason the signs were pulled up.

“It was in an effort to confirm the (town) code on the sign regs,” McKenny said.

While the signs came down, it wasn’t long until they came back.

In an email, Vail Town Clerk Tammy Nagel wrote there are no plans to pull up the signs again before election day.

McKenny called the back and forth with the signs a “kind of gray area,” adding that signs aren’t allowed in roundabouts, but the town code on that matter isn’t often enforced.

Longtime resident Diana Donovan was on the council in the early years of the 2000s. She said she’d seen signs pulled up on occasion, but not frequently.

Donovan said the town needs to clarify its election rules about campaign signs to make clear what is and isn’t allowed. She suggested allowing signs 15 days before an election and no more than two days following.

McKenny agreed, saying the town should make the sign code for political campaigns “more clear.”

“It’s something to ask the council about,” McKenny said.

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